Our clients in the skilled trades are composed of landscapers, electricians, and various types of contractors. These clients have a unique set of demands. Much of their time is spent rushing to different job sites and managing employees and suppliers. Office administration often takes a backseat. Novack CPA can alleviate this burden by providing a cost-effective, off-site Chief Financial Officer for hire service. Our wide array of services include: monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts, credit card accounts and accounts receivables. This enables business owners to take a proactive approach to cutting costs and collecting receivables. Our CFO for hire service allows our Skilled Trade clients to put greater focus on their work because we are on-point managing their tax and accounting functions. We facilitate monthly reporting to ensure that accurate quarterly estimated income taxes are paid timely to eliminate costly penalties. For some of these clients we also manage all aspects of their payroll and sales taxes.

  • Provide cost-effective off-site CFO services
  • Compile accurate and detailed monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts, credit cards and accounts receivables
  • Calculate, accurate quarterly estimated income tax
  • Create detailed annual budgets and calculate monthly or seasonal variances to achieve business objectives
  • Timely filing of all payroll, sales, and income tax returns on a quarterly and annual basis as required