When working with start-ups, we look at each new endeavor as a unique ecosystem that must have certain foundational components and ongoing mechanisms to become a sustainable entity. These core “green light” components and mechanisms must be in place in order for management to have a real-time perspective into the financial well-being of the company; and, for investors to see trend lines and burn rates; and, for regulatory agencies to review and validate compliance requirements. No matter how effective any business entity is in setting up these “green light” foundations, each new company will encounter turning points and the always possible fork in the road. It is at these “yellow light” moments where the experience and expertise at Novack CPA can greatly benefit the Start-ups we serve. These “yellow light” moments present us with opportunities, options and regulatory responsibilities. Our guidance is to never deploy a new business knowing that a “red light” scenario will be encountered down the road. At Novack CPA, a “red light” scenario would be working with a Start-up who ignores “green light” foundations, responsibilities and requirements. During those “yellow light” moments, our start-ups can thrive because their foundations are in place and flexible possibilities are more realistic because of their Smart Work Today.

  • Assist client in evaluating a various tax and non-tax implications to business structures: Such as Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Corporation
  • create the initial accounting system
  • Provide cost-effective off-site Chief Financial Officer services
  • Compile accurate and detailed monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts, credit cards and accounts receivables
  • Calculate, accurate quarterly estimated income tax
  • Create detailed annual budgets and calculate monthly variances to achieve business objective
  • Timely filing of all payroll, sales, and income tax returns on a quarterly and annual basis as required
  • We will work with you to create an appropriate, sensible business budget that supports your goals

Without having a skilled, experienced professional help with these foundational components, it is likely that something will be missed or overlooked. If tax planning, bookkeeping, accounting and regulatory listings are not correctly done from the start, then problems will develop over time and the cost of resolving these problems further down the line will be farmore expensive than the initial cost now.

After the business is off the ground, it will be necessary to maintain proper accounting systems, which we can do. Alternatively, we can train your staff bookkeeper to follow process guidelines and then provide monthly, quarterly and yearly statements as required.

We can offer advice on how to hire and lease property and determine the areas of growth in your business. We can also navigate you through any audit and regulatory requirements.

In case you thinking of selling your business, we will provide clear direction and required documentation. Although this is further down the line, it’s important to consider this right at the beginning to make sure that your new venture is established to succeed.