Dealing With Tax Troubles? We Can Help.

Hire Novack CPA for tax resolution services in Closter, NJ or Locust Valley, NY

If you find yourself in hot water with the IRS, call Novack CPA. Our accountants have extensive experience dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and can help you get back on track. We’ll serve as a barrier between you and federal and state agencies, negotiating on your behalf to reach a settlement for any deficient taxes. Our team will also help you stay current with the plan over time to make sure that all of your tax troubles are on the way to being resolved. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing that tax debt relief and debt settlement are just around the corner!

Ease the stress of dealing with the IRS by contacting Novack CPA.

Comprehensive tax resolution services in Locust Valley, New York and Closter, New Jersey

Novack CPA will represent you when you’re in trouble with the IRS and find a way to resolve your tax issues! You can count on our experienced team to take care of all aspects of the tax resolution process. We will:

  • Assist you with obtaining all pertinent tax records
  • Prepare all delinquent tax returns
  • Review and assess different tax resolution options for your situation
  • Negotiate with IRS and state agencies to reduce or eliminate penalties, interest and taxes
  • Negotiate an optimal payment plan that works for your budget
  • Compile and prepare monthly income statements for all involved bankruptcy attorneys

What are you waiting for? Call Novack CPA to schedule an appointment today!